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Boosting grades



With our help

At Mickleover Tutoring, our team consists of skilled teachers who are fully certified and DBS checked. Our mission is to nurture students into becoming successful achievers. We aim to pinpoint any challenges hindering learning and create effective strategies to conquer them. This will help build confidence, enhance academic achievements, and conquer the common 'exam nerves' and 'classroom anxiety' experienced by many students in traditional classrooms.

Our extensive array of resources, tools, and methods align with effective practices and the evolving demands of today's rigorous curriculum, grading systems, and exams.

Numerous children worry about being laughed at by their friends when they ask "silly questions" or give "wrong answers." Many kids believe they shouldn't seek help from teachers or seem less capable in front of their peers. At Mickleover Tutoring, we focus on fostering confidence, cultivating self-esteem, and elevating academic accomplishments, as our guiding principle.

At Mickleover Tutoring, children learn through personalized 1:1 or 2:1 tutoring sessions lasting 60 minutes. We provide ample individualized time with exercises that align with the subjects students study in school, leading to noticeable improvements. We consistently monitor and assess their progress to support their learning journey.

  • Witness the Outcomes – With the guidance of qualified exam markers, we ensure weekly progress that covers class and exam-relevant material.

  • Enhance Efficiency and Accelerate Learning – Our tutors employ paired learning techniques to foster quicker comprehension and direct students towards success.

  • Personalized Attention – Catering to just 1 to 2 students at a time, our tutors who are experienced at teaching 30 children provide tailor-made educational experiences for all.

  • Conquer Challenges – Our commitment lies in assisting students in overcoming any academic obstacles they encounter.

  • Attain Proficiency – Our goal is to instill confidence in students regarding the fundamental concepts of their chosen subjects.

  • Consistent Weekly Input – We ensure our students achieve their learning milestones both during our sessions and in their personal study time.

  • Your Local Education Partner – Mickleover Tutoring is dedicated to serving the educational needs of our local students.

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