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At Mickleover Tutors, we're a local, welcoming, and skilled group of fully certified and DBS-checked teachers. Our primary aim is to nurture confidence and foster a solid educational foundation in our students regardless of abilities, needs, or background. We're deeply enthusiastic about learning and are dedicated to boosting your child's self-assurance and academic performance. Our commitment extends to guiding your children to become lifelong learners.

Our tutoring takes place in an engaging learning atmosphere, equipping children with essential skills and strategies to manage exam anxiety and attain improved outcomes.

While our teaching methods may vary, all tutors share the same vision and philosophy of Littleover Tutoring:

  • Our aim is to instil a true passion for learning in our students 

  • Our aim is to grow our students confidence, cultivate self-esteem and elevate their academic accomplishments

  • Our aim is to create lifelong learners who take responsibility for their learning and academic objectives




My name is Jamie, and I am a qualified teacher working at Mickleover Tutoring.

With experience as a teacher in secondary schools, I have had the privilege of working with students across various age groups. My passion lies in Science, and I hold a degree in Biochemistry from the University of Nottingham.

Having thrived in diverse educational settings, I have honed effective strategies for student learning and progress, ensuring a comprehensive and engaging learning experience. As a highly motivated educator, I am committed to upholding high standards and making a significant, positive impact on my students' academic journey.

I take pride in catering to students with individual and diverse needs, providing positive learning experiences to even the most challenging learners. Furthermore, my qualification in pediatric first aid ensures the safety and well-being of my students, particularly during hands-on experiments.

Teamwork is paramount in my approach, and I strive to foster a supportive and collaborative atmosphere with my students, empowering them to reach their full potential. If you're looking for a dedicated and experienced tutor who can inspire and guide you on your educational path, I am here to help you succeed. Let's embark on a rewarding learning journey together!



My name is Chloe, and I am a Maths tutor at Mickleover Tutoring, having successfully completed my Master's in Education.


Having accumulated several years of experience in teaching maths to students with varying abilities in secondary schools, I am committed to helping every student reach their full potential at Mickleover Tutoring Centre. I understand the pressures students face, which can be demoralizing and dampen their enthusiasm for subjects. To counter this, I create an enjoyable and supportive atmosphere, tailoring my lessons to meet the unique needs of each individual learner.


In my teaching approach, I incorporate exam-style questions, which have proven to be highly effective in enhancing students' knowledge and exam techniques. This boosts their confidence, enabling them to perform at their best during exams and showcase their full capabilities.

Every tutoring session is designed around the student's specific goals, fostering a collaborative learning experience. By focusing on high-yield topics and promptly addressing weaknesses, students often find the tutoring sessions to be both rewarding and motivating.

As someone who is passionate about maths, I am dedicated to inspiring the same interest in my students, making the revision process fulfilling instead of stressful. If you're looking for a caring and enthusiastic tutor to help you excel in maths, I'm here to guide you on your journey to success!




My name is Ryan, and I am an English tutor at Mickleover Tutoring and a class teacher.


After successfully completing my A-Levels, including English Literature and following my passion for teaching and learning, I chose to pursue a career in education. After qualifying as a teacher, I have had numerous experiences in different learning environments from multiple schools in Derbyshire, I have taught in both inner city, county and SEN schools across Derby City.

Stemming from my passion for English, I tutor Y1 up to Y11 from both primary level English to GCSE. I enjoy taking a systematic approach to teaching and I explore the different ways in which the written word can be used.


I believe my experiences help to ensure I can meet expectations, giving me a first-hand understanding of how to impact positively on my pupils and the unique problems of working with children. With all my knowledge and credentials, I am well prepared to dedicate myself and push my students to achieve the highest standards.


​At Mickleover Tutoring, I aim to pair my passion for English with the centre’s effective tools for teaching. Through demonstrating a calm manner and a resilient nature, I have continuously worked to develop a proactive tutor mentality.


My name is Charlotte, and I am an English tutor at Mickleover Tutoring alongside my teaching at a secondary school.


As a dedicated and qualified English teacher, I have extensive experience imparting inspirational language lessons to a diverse range of students, spanning from beginners to advanced learners and encompassing various cultural and language backgrounds.

For each of my students, I create customized lessons tailored to their individual needs, knowledge level, and unique personality. My approach typically involves starting with the fundamental concepts of each subject to establish a strong foundation that will endure even as the material becomes more intricate. I then encourage students to engage in critical thinking and analysis, applying their own knowledge to solidify their understanding. Witnessing students achieve their goals brings me immense joy and satisfaction as a teacher.


At Mickleover Tutoring, we pride ourselves on providing an exceptional and supportive learning environment, where students receive high-quality teaching and gain invaluable learning experiences. Our atmosphere is characterized by a relaxed, friendly, and enjoyable ambiance, fostering a passion for learning.

With a shared dedication to teaching and a genuine enthusiasm for our students' success, we are committed to guiding and nurturing learners on their educational journey. At Mickleover Tutoring, you'll find a place where your language skills will flourish, and your academic aspirations will thrive. Join us today and embark on a rewarding path to linguistic excellence!

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